Size of the Problem

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Size of the Problem is an approach that is used in schools to support pupils to develop their problem solving skills. Problems are categorised into small, medium or big problems.

Size of the Reaction

After categorising problems into sizes, pupils are encouraged to consider the size of the reaction. The size of the problem and size of the reaction should match up.

When discussing size of the reaction, consider the following:

  • Who can fix it?
  • What can I do?
  • What number am I on the Six Point Scale?

Size of the Problem at Home

At home, be problem solving detectives together.

Remember: When a problem happens, stop and think, decide the level of the problem, and figure out what you should do.

Examples of problems to discuss with your child:

  • Losing a game
  • Someone pushes you
  • Coronavirus
  • Big storm
  • Substitute teacher
  • No school for a few months
  • The park is closed
  • You are last in the queue to buy something
  • Miss the bus to school
  • You fall off your bike
  • Someone takes your money


YouTube has a ‘Size of the Problem’ playlist to look through with your child
Or search on YouTube “Size of the Problem playlist” it is the first playlist to come up by ‘Shannon Sells, SLP’

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