Teddy’s Adventures

This is a game to support children’s story-telling skills. Each night put teddy in a new place in the house (think Elf on the Shelf!) – you can make it more fun by creating a “scene” around teddy, e.g. spilt flour, other toys etc. In the morning, ask your child to find where teddy is! The child can be a “detective” and say how they think teddy got there and what teddy did! You can make it as simple or complicated as you like by prompting your child: “what did he do first?”, “what happened next?”, “then what happened?”. You can also support them to learn new vocabulary by introducing objects to support your child’s vocabulary in the “scene”, e.g. maybe teddy was having a midnight picnic with some of the toy cooking set food: can your child see what teddy was eating?

What you need:

  1. A teddy
  2. Any other objects (e.g. household items, other toys, pencils and crayons)

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