Ten Top Tips for Talking

These ten top tips can be done any time: at breakfast, at bath time and anywhere in between.

  1. Comment on what your child is doing when you are playing together.
  2. Have fun with nursery rhymes and songs, especially those with actions.
  3. Gain your child’s attention when you want to talk together.
  4. Encourage your child to listen to different sounds e.g. aeroplanes, animals, the postman.
  5. Increase vocabulary by giving choices e.g. Do you want orange or apple?
  6. Encourage your child to communicate in any way, not just through words
  7. Talk about things as they happen e.g. unpacking shopping, having a bath, watching television.
  8. Give your child opportunities to talk, and give them plenty of time to think and speak (try saying a bit less yourself: ‘less is more’!)
  9. Help your child to use more words by adding to what is said e.g. “ball” can be expanded to “Throw the ball” or “The ball has gone”
  10. Try and have a special time worth your child each day. Play with toys and look at pictures books. Books can be especially helpful for developing early language.