Word Aware

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‘Word Aware’ is a whole school approach for developing children’s vocabulary. Just because schools are not operating usually, does not mean you can’t still develop children’s vocabulary. And with so much happening we all need a little bit of fun, so why not kill two birds with one stone and play word games?

Included here are lots of simple-to-play word games, which are a great way to learn words and develop word learning skills. Tweak them as you wish to adapt to your child’s needs or play your own words games. Whatever you do, show your enjoyment of words and children will too. All of the games listed either require no resources, pen and paper, free online resources or we have provided what you need. The games are simple and quick to do and hopefully will put a smile on a few more faces.

You can find out more about Word Aware at www.thinkingtalking.co.uk and we are always happy to hear from users of our resources, so drop us a line at thinkingtalking@yahoo.co.uk

Anna Brangan and Stephen Parsons

March 2020

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