Practising Social Skills

We use our social skills when we interact with other people. These skills include eye contact, body language, saying hello, taking turns, making conversation, and staying on topic in conversations.

Social skills take practice! Role-play is a really good way to practise social skills.

Start by choosing one social skill to practise together (e.g. eye contact), before moving onto another skill.

Children with social communication difficulties may find it easier to learn social skills in a rule-based way, for example, stand one arm’s length away from the person you are talking to (physical distance), or look at the other person’s eyes or forehead when you are talking to them (eye contact).

Click on the link to see some example videos which demonstrate specific social skills. Watch the video with your child and then have a go practising the skill together.

Watch the example video together and talk about:

  • Did the speaker show appropriate social skills?
  • What did the speaker do that was good or bad?
  • How did the other person respond?
  • What could the speaker do instead?

Next it’s your turn! Have a go practising the skills together in a role-play.

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