Evidence Base for Speech & Language Therapy

The Children’s Integrated SLT Service for Hackney and the City seeks to provide speech and language therapy which is evidence based. We also seek to add to the evidence base for our profession by participating in audit and research.

The Children’s Integrated SLT Service for Hackney and the City were delighted to participate in the Better Communication Action Plan, following on from The Bercow Report; A Review of Services for Children and  Young People (0-19) with Speech, Language and Communication Needs.

The Children’s Integrated SLT Service participated as one of 16 national pathfinder sites and developed an outcome measurement tool suitable to report to multiple commissioners.


In addition, ‘Language for Thinking’ and ‘Word Aware’ are interventions developed and used in the Hackney service that are mentioned in the national research report focusing on what works for SLCN (published December 2012):


Additional information on effectiveness of SLT for particular interventions can be accessed through visiting:



A sample of journal articles relevant to the approaches used in Hackney is as follows:

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