Useful Websites

Young Hackney is the Council’s single service for all young people aged 6 – 19. They aim to help all of Hackney’s young people to enjoy their youth and become independent and successful adults. Young Hackney runs activities for young people across the borough, and offers advice and help to young people who need it, on subjects like education, employment, housing or health. For more information on this service and how to access it you can visit their website at:

The National Deaf Children’s Society is supporting deaf children and young people (ages 8-18) to keep in touch and make new friends through their pen pals service.   Once matched with another young person, they will be able to share videos in BSL or write letters to each other, providing opportunities to ask each other questions and create new friendships.

The Buzz is a website for deaf children and young people which provides advice, support and information on upcoming events.  It also includes inspiring stories from deaf young people and details on how you can get involved in campaigns for breaking down communication barriers. Visit the website to find out more:

The STAMMA website provides information about stammering and stories from young people and adults who share their experiences of stammering, including what has helped them.

Pobble is a website to help children and young people to build their storytelling skills. Every day a story starter is posted, along with some activities to choose. We all need to be able to tell stories to take part in our every day life, so practising this skill will help you to take part in lessons at school and life outside school with friends and family.

Young Minds is the UK’s leading charity supporting children and young people’s mental health. Just as your body can become unwell, your mind can become unwell too. And just like with physical illnesses, treatment and support is available. The Young Minds website includes guides to find out more about different mental health conditions, how to cope with your feelings, and what support is available to you.

Kooth is a free online counselling service for Hackney children and young people aged 11-19. Kooth provides safe, confidential and anonymous support. Counsellors are available 365 days a year Monday-Friday 12pm-10pm and Saturday and Sunday 6pm-10pm.

Mouth That Roars is a weekly youth club for Hackney children and teenagers where you can learn how to produce films. Mouth That Roars also gives young people a safe space where they can talk about their thoughts and feelings. Visit the Mouth That Roars website for more information: