Launchpad for Language in Early Years Settings

The ability  to use and understand language underpins all social interactions and many, many learning opportunities.  It is also a significant factor in a child’s emotional well being.  By promoting the communication skills of young children we can make a huge difference to their ability to make and maintain relationships, achieve in school and later in the work place and most importantly to their happiness.

In our package ‘Early Years Launchpad’ we have lots of ideas how early years settings can provide the best possible language learning experiences. This can link in with your early years pupil premium money.  We can help you show Ofsted how you are using the money to make a difference to your children.

If you would like to talk to someone about buying-in Launchpad for Language for your nursery or setting please get in touch.

The Early Years Launchpad for Language Project 2020/21
We are very pleased to let you know that we are working in collaboration with The Sutton Trust, the Institute of Employment Studies and the University of Oxford to deliver our Launchpad for Language programme in early years settings this year! We have received funding to provide weekly communication support for 12 Private, Independent and Voluntary (PVI) nurseries. The project aims to address inequality in children’s early language and communication through providing professional development and support for Early Years Practitioners. We will be working in collaboration with the children, staff, parents to ensure children are supported to reach their full communication potential right from the start!