Shopping Game

This shopping game supports children with their attention and listening, vocabulary and memory.

Make sure your child is familiar with the names of the objects being used before starting the game. It is ok to introduce new/less familiar objects, just explore this with your child before starting the game (e.g. its name, whether you eat it, wear it…)

  1. Have a selection of objects (e.g. shopping items) placed at a distance away from your child.
  2. Ask your child to go and get 1 object (e.g. I want to buy…) and bring it back to you. Repeat asking them to collect 2 objects then 3 objects.
  3. Swap roles so that you are the ‘shopkeeper’ and your child has a turn at telling you what they want to buy.
  4. Once all the shopping items have been bought feel free to label the objects you have bought together or discuss what you might do with them.

What you need:

  • Food items, clothes, anything you want to buy!
  • Shopping bag

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