Verbal Reasoning – The Present Game

Problem Solving and Verbal Reasoning

Verbal reasoning is a skill that is essential for understanding social situations and learning in the classroom. It involves understanding and answering ‘how’ and ‘why’ something has happened and is fundamental for solving social problems. In order to think through and solve problems children need to use their internal language, or ‘self-talk’, so when a child has difficulties with understanding and using spoken language they will usually have difficulties with verbal reasoning.

Many problem-solving skills are learnt through experience of normal social interaction. Children with communication difficulties can benefit from talking through problems in detail as they arise, but also through specific activities such as the ones presented in this section.

Activity: The Present Game

Aim: To show that you understand another person’s likes and preferences

Resources needed: A mixture of pictures of items that would be given as a birthday present. Toy and DVD catalogues are a good place to look for these pictures. Make them into small cards.

Method: Spread the pictures out on the table so that everyone can see them. Explain that these are presents for everyone who is playing the game, and that they have to choose which present the person next to them would like. Ask each child in turn to pick up a picture, and gives it to the person on their left. They must also say why it would be a good present for that person, e.g. ‘I’m giving you a pair of trainers because you’re a good footballer’.

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