Explaining Covid-19 (Coronavirus) to children and young people

Current global concerns about the Covid-19 pandemic are anxiety-provoking for us all. Children and young people with Speech, Language and Communication Needs will also be anxious and fearful about the situation. Changes in routine and the behaviour of others can be confusing, and it may be difficult for children and young people to understand what is expected of them and why.

Here is a collection of resources designed to support children and young people to understand the current situation and the changes in their own actions and behaviours that may be necessary to keep themselves and others safe.

If you come across any resources or ideas, please do share them with us on Twitter @hackneytalk or via email Annabelle.burns1@nhs.net so we can add them to this post.

A page of curated resources for managing Covid-19:

Social Story about Pandemics and Coronavirus / Covid-19


Visual images / symbols about Coronavirus / Covid-19


Simple social story:


Books to support worry and anxiety in children


Social Story about social distancing and Coronavirus


Film about handwashing:


Info in other languages (aimed at adults)


Short story about Coronavirus