Sign Language Week 15th-21st March 2021

Happy Sign Language Week from the Hackney Speech and Language Therapy Team! Here’s Martina, our specialist in Deafness explaining her role in Hackney. Martina also explains why we celebrate Sign Language Week in March. If you don’t understand sign, you can add the subtitles by clicking on the CC button. 

Though British Sign Language (BSL) was recognised as an official language back in 2003, there’s still more work to be done in order for the language to have legal status. Legal status would encourage the creation of more inclusive action plans across the UK, to promote, protect and safeguard the language, culture and people within the d/Deaf community.

Engage a little more: Check out this very cool story from Chris Fonseca about BSL and his deaf identity: 

Or here you can see some deaf poetry from Zoe McWhinney, with a really thought-provoking piece called ‘Illegitimacy’, 10 mins in:


Do you want to learn British Sign Language? Check out this Deaf-led organisation in London called ‘Remark!’ They have brilliant deaf instructors, teaching all levels: Learn BSL – Remark! 

Perhaps you’d like to download an app to learn a few signs. We recommend these: 

BSL Alphabet 

Sign BSL 

BSL Fingerspelling